The Land of the Dragon or Druk Yul, as it is traditionally called, is the land of Dzongs (fortress) and monasteries, land of one of the most hospitable and friendly people, land of the well preserved heritage, where traditions are not a thing of the past but are actively part of the daily life, the land of the endangered Black Necked Crane and the land of beautiful scenic Himalayan mountain ranges.


Nestled high in the Himalayan mountains, this small monarchy represents one of the World’s most remote and least visited lands. Closed to the outside World until 1974, Bhutan was accessible only by narrow mountain trails and that also by special invitation.


Now travel is made very easy with Druk Air, the only airline to operate in Bhutan, and said to provide one of the most memorial flight over the Himalayan mountain ranges.


Untouched by the outside world, Bhutan offers an insight into the unique lifestyle, culture and customs of the people that has blended well with modernity, leaving the latter at its own place.

So…come!!!! DRUK beckons you to Druk Yul.