Until recently a Buddhist mountain kingdom, Sikkim is situated between Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan. From a low of 800 ft. above sea level to the summit of Mt. Khanchendzonga (28,169 ft. / 8,598 m), the guardian deity of Sikkim and the third tallest peak in the world, Sikkim’s terrain encompasses terrain of almost every elevational stratum. Fast flowing rivers that originate in the mountains criss - cross the State that is rich in flora & fauna, stunning mountains, beautiful valleys, clear lakes and lush evergreen forests. In high altitudes where yaks graze are found the snow leopard, the blue sheep, goral, tahr and the red panda – the state animal of Sikkim. Abundant species of birds & butterflies are to be found here & it is said that Sikkim contains more birds than any similar sized area in the world. Some 600 to 1000 species of orchids along with a variety of plants & flowers create a visual delight, all of which the government of Sikkim helps to protect by creating a national park, two wildlife sanctuaries, an alpine sanctuary and a rhododendron sanctuary.

Rich in history Sikkim’s first King was crowned in 1642 and was called the “Chogyal,” king of religion. His direct lineage, the Namgyals ruled the small country till 1975 when Sikkim became a part of India.
Sikkim is made up of three major ethnic groups – the Lepchas, the first known settlers and the original inhabitants of the land, the Bhutias who trace their ancestry to Tibet and the Nepalese, the largest ethnic group.Religion is a pervasive force and colourful Buddhist monasteries are to be found all over the state. Major religious festivals give way to a spectacular feast of religious dances known as chaams. Monks garbed in all their brocaded costumes and masks commemorate important religious events in somber, graceful dances.

Sikkim has gained much importance in the field of Tourism. Tourism has seeped in very slowly & here you will find a people whose simple good heartedness you will cherish. You’ll trek through wonderful countryside and admire the marvelous mountain views for Sikkim is a favoured destination for the adventure mountaineer, trekker and mountain biker as well as the lover of unspoiled nature & culture.

Come let us take you on a journey through “OUR LAND, OUR PEOPLE, and OUR HERITAGE".
We invite you in this mystical land that the rest of the world calls Shangri-La and a land we feel humbled to call our home.

We hope that visitors who make the journey to Sikkim enjoy their experience & return home with glowing memories.